The Band

Formed in 2020 after an invitation to check out a newly built band room and subsequent jam. Two groups of friends showed up that day and discovered common interests in life, hobbies, and of course music. These four new acquaintances continued these jam sessions once every week or two, started hanging out on weekends, and soon became friends. After learning covers of some of their favourite songs, they decided it was time to put a name to the band. DickerdNSons was born.

As the band grew more experienced and started to play for friends and gigs, original music started to evolve out of jam sessions. After creating four new singles, the debut EP was starting to become a topic of conversation. As the band started to gain momentum, COVID restrictions and precautions prevented ongoing, in person, collaboration. After a long hiatus, the sons went full throttle, developing and releasing new music. All can be heard now from all streaming platforms, and now we even have some music videos. Cheers, stay dickerd friends and thank you for all of your support.

That’s right, we even have our own beer! DickerdNSons Cream Ale.

DickerdNSons Cream Ale
DickerdNSons Beer